Saturday, February 26, 2011

From "The Beach Players" series--Images & Notes

Beach Players (A)2
Beach Players (A)1
Beach Players (B)8

From Notes On  "The Beach  Players" Series
*  *  *

Near water, people allow themselves to play. They're taught again by their children, or the children they once were. At the ocean side, movement and pleasure meet and become primary again. We find our proper scale (which is not, I think, a diminished scale) confronted by the sky and open sea.

People seem to grow in stature simply by standing in warm sand.
*  *  *
I went to the beach because it is a natural place to draw and paint people in contemplation and movement. At first, I focused on the volleyball players at Main Beach, Santa Cruz, on the dedicated athletes there. Later,  I was drawn to the strolling "players," who act out the dreams of their own lives on the beach--albeit in a quieter way.
*  *  *
Beach Players (B)2
"The Beach Players" series reaffirms my core concerns with structure and color, with how they work together to form that stillness inside... everything that moves us.

Beach Players  (A)3

Beach Players (B)2

Saturday, February 19, 2011

Images 1

Amanda, Seated 1
Reed Garden
El View Lodge
West Cliff 1
Yellow Rose
Striped Vase
"Every feeling waits upon its gesture." --Eudora Welty