Wednesday, October 31, 2012

October Drawings & Paintings

It’s been a productive month for me, with three new large paintings started and one completed, a dozen paintings on paper and a sketchbook full of drawings. The interaction between drawing and painting continues to unfold in ways that are still unpredictable to me. 

"Maria-Purple Dress 1"--9'' x 13" acrylic on paper

"Laptop"--12" x 16" colored pencil on paper

"Halter Top"--18" x 16" pastel, charcoal & tempera on paper

"Street Viewers"--12" x 9" colored pencil on paper


"The Shawl Backdrop"--16" x 12" tempera & gesso on canvas

"Short Coat"--12" x 9" colored pencil on paper

"White Dreadlocks'--12" x 9" pencil & charcoal on paper

"Skeptical"--12" x 9" colored pencil on paper

"Man With A Noble Nose"--10" x 7" pencil on paper

"Maria-Purple Dress 2"--13" x 9" acrylic on paper

"Nude On A Couch"--18" x 16" mixed media on paper

"Leaflin"--36" x36" oil on canvas