Sunday, June 29, 2014

Visible Privacy

In spite of our technologies, everything in this world reserves the right to hide, to disguise the depths of its own privacy.

The variations of visible time generated by a model or a landscape aren't limited to likeness. Painters talk about how to convey the weight of a pose or the texture of a hill, all the elements that effect contour & mass. There is also the force of registered passage to consider, the bodily recording of experience across a form.

Observing these shifting pressure systems, in the line of an eyelid or the sag of a branch, the absolutely resolved is replaced by something like a life.

"Leaning Forward"-acrylic on wood, 12" x 9"

"Mannerism"- mixed media on paper, 12" x 9"

"Garden In June"-acrylic on wood, 12" x 12"

"Pulled Ahead"-mixed media on paper, 12" x 9"

"Local & Distant-2"-acrylic on paper, 12" x 9"

"June At Neary's-2"-acrylic on paper, 12" x 9"

"Spiritual Texting"-mixed media on paper, 8 1/2" x 9"

"June At Neary's"-acrylic on paper, 12" x 9"

"Local & Distant"-acrylic on paper, 12" x 9"