Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Interrupting A Line

In painting & physics, there's no pure recording. Like it or not, we're in everything we do. This holds true for landscape painting just as much as for geometric abstraction. Whether you're painting skin or sky, whatever you do to interrupt a line only serves to continues it.

"Still"-mixed media on paper, 12" X 9"

"Back-Cross"-acrylic on paper,  18' X 13"

"Extended Pose"-acrylic on paper, 18" X 12"

"Warm-Weather Pose"-mixed media on paper, 12" X 9"

"Where She Travels"- acrylic on canvas, 18" X 14"

"Folded Hands"-acrylic on paper, 15" X 13"

"Back-Twist"-mixed media on paper, 10" X 7"

"Figure In A Curved Chair"-acrylic on paper, 15" X 13"


"Left In Thought"-acrylic on paper, 20" X 15"

"Coast Road South (Blue)"-acrylic on canvas, 12" X 12"