Saturday, April 30, 2011

The Beach Players (2nd Set)

Beach Players (A)6

Beach Players (A)9
Beach Players (A)10
Beach Players (A)13

Beach Players (A)15
"The Beach Players" have been my central focus for the last few years. The (A) series is smaller format work, which I do from life at Main Beach in Santa Cruz. This is the second set of paintings from that series that I've posted here. (B) series paintings are larger scale, usually painted from sketches or drawings done outdoors. And there is even a (C) series, which are paintings in  black and white.

Among other things, May means a return to the beach.
Beach Players (A)6

Thursday, April 14, 2011

Wilder Ranch 2011

Far Fields 1

Cut & Plain 1

Cut View 1

Post View 1

Tank View 1

Tank View 2

When I was first learning to paint, I worked outdoors. I love still life, abstracts and the figure, but I always seem to come back to outdoor painting. This winter, we've had pelting hail, flooding rains and tropical heat on the Central Coast. The tail-end of the Japanese tsunami even smashed up the harbor here. When the weather was calm enough, I've gone out to  paint at Wilder Ranch, one of the jewels of the state park system.These are some of the results.

Friday, April 1, 2011

This selection of drawings focuses on the various uses I've found for drawing thus far: as an aid to seeing; as information storage, as a way to develop skill; as an image that stands on its own. As in the black and white paintings in the previous entry, this is the beginning of a long process. 
Robbie (1)
Man In A Wheel Chair
 L.W. (Sun Dress)

B's Back
At Main Beach (2)
At Main Beach (1)
2 of Lily