Monday, April 30, 2012

Landscape With Figures # 2 & 3

In one of James Elkins’s books, there’s a chapter called “The Studio As Psychosis.” Even outdoor painters can suffer from this. Whether or not you pay rent on it, the studio is mostly in your head.

My struggle with and commitment to oil painting is deepening. Results are mixed, but the work has certainly become more challenging—and exhausting. These large-scale drawings are an attempt to offset the angst of oils and find some pleasure in the art-making process. The subject matter is mostly cornball, complete with seagulls and sailboats.

The limited color and concern with line make these drawings rather than paintings for me, even though they’re on unstretched canvas. I’m using a combination of tinted and non-tinted gesso and acrylic paint. The tarps themselves are 6’x 9’,  most often with a  5’x 8’ image-area to allow for later stretching, but right now they look just fine stapled to the wall. 

These pictures could undoubtedly be improved by continued work, but I’ve limited myself to two or three sessions to retain some of the immediacy and clear touch of a gesture drawing.

"LWF #2" (First Version)

"LWF #2  (Second Version)

"LWF #2: In Eduardo's Garden" (Final Version), 6'x8', mixed media on unstretched canvas


"LWF #3" (First Version)

"LWF #3: Bahia de Paraiso" (Final Version),  5' x 8', mixed media on unstretched canvas