Monday, March 14, 2011


LW (C) 1
LW (C) 2
Antonelli's Pond (C) 2

BD (C) 1
Beach Players (C) 2
Antonelli's Pond (C) 1
Beach Players (C) 1

Color is a paradise and a maze. Painters get lost in colors like blue ochre, red earth and cobalt turquoise.  From time to time, we return to the none-too-simple groundwork of black, white and gray, to a world of value and contrasting forms.

These paintings on paper were begun in outdoor painting sessions with my friend, Eduardo Izquierdo. They continued in a subsection of “The Beach Players” series and in various studio settings.

They are ongoing; that is, they’re the beginning of a great many lessons that I still have to learn.

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  1. A long time ago a teacher of mine recommended that I draw only with a fine pencil for a while. She could see that I was using the beautiful effects that I could generate with charcoal, ink, and a variety of other drawing tools as a means to deal with difficult parts in a drawing. I didn't take her advice. And in a way I'm glad I didn't because I think learning to invent is as important as learning to "see." Now though I have taken up the challenge and I am finding the limited means very rewarding.