Saturday, April 30, 2011

The Beach Players (2nd Set)

Beach Players (A)6

Beach Players (A)9
Beach Players (A)10
Beach Players (A)13

Beach Players (A)15
"The Beach Players" have been my central focus for the last few years. The (A) series is smaller format work, which I do from life at Main Beach in Santa Cruz. This is the second set of paintings from that series that I've posted here. (B) series paintings are larger scale, usually painted from sketches or drawings done outdoors. And there is even a (C) series, which are paintings in  black and white.

Among other things, May means a return to the beach.
Beach Players (A)6

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  1. Tom,
    "Reed Garden," from an earlier post, is a masterpiece! It has that wide open spacious feeling that I love, like I'm out under the sky. It also has a structure to it that feels like a real space. I love when a painting conveys this since of space while having nothing in it that is overtly referential. The color is also beautiful.