Thursday, June 30, 2011

From "Figures & Portraits" Exhibition

Woman In A Red Skirt
Portrait of A.G. #4
Figure & Sea-View
Leaflin In Green
Melinda, Stretching
Amanda, Seated, #2


 “Figures & Portraits”

This show is a mix of old and new work, often within a single canvas. Some pieces have been revised; some were recently begun and completed; others have been important to me for quite a while now, and they stand for themselves as they always have.

Most of the models involved are people I’ve worked with for a number of years, people I’ve gotten to know  as people and not as images. They’ve helped lead me through the maze of introspection that I find is a necessary barrier.  For me,  paintings are something carved out of time and distance; and two of the tools I use to make them are stillness and connection.

Figures & Portraits—paintings by Tom Maderos: July 1—August 31, 2011: Gabriella Café: 910 Cedar Street: Santa Cruz, CA 

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