Thursday, May 31, 2012


The Wilder painting will be on view through July 1 in “Color & Light,” a group show at the Santa Cruz Art League. Nancy Boas, author of “The Society of Six” and “David Park: A Painter’s Life,” was the juror for this exhibition of California landscapes, so it promises to be a show worth catching. Scroll down the Art League’s home page for details.


I’ve spent the month of May working on three figure paintings, one of which is finished and included here. It was done rather quickly--a rare event for me with a large-scale oil painting. But after several trips to the studio without finding much in it to fix, I’ve decided to let it be what it is: a stylistic outlier.  I'm continuing work on the Artist & Model series, which should have at least a few more entries this summer.

"The Green Dress"--Stage 1
"The Green Dress"-- Stage 2

"The Green Dress" (Artist & Model Series) 60" x 48" oil on canvas

"Post View #1 (Wilder)"  acrylic on paper


  1. Tom, I like every single version of The Green Dress painting. Each one of them works in its own peculiar way, though I have to say the color on the final version is outstanding. Very nice!

  2. The worlds of Figure and Landscape meeting within the studio walls