Friday, May 31, 2013

Air Brush

"Doreen:White Skirt" acrylic on paper, 13" x 9"

Regardless of the subject matter, I keep trying to paint the same thing: the air between me and the image.

"Doreen: Ochre & Vermilion" acrylic on canvas, 10" x 8"

I don’t want to reduce the distance, I want to make it thicken, to increase the density from the object all the way to my eye---

"Doreen: Chair Pose" acrylic on paper. 13" x 9"

"Mark & Eduardo Paint The Lagoon" acrylic on paper, 13" x 9"

  wherever it resides.

"Doreen: Sun Hat" acrylic on paper, 13" x 9"

"Doreen: Purple Blouse" acrylic on paper,  13" x 9"

It isn’t only in my head, it’s also in my hands.

"Searching The Water"-oil on canvas, 36" x 48"

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  1. Nice paintings, all of them, and I like hearing what it is that you're thinking about while you're doing them.