Saturday, February 1, 2014

Winter Crop

I've been looking ahead to a show of large-scale figure paintings. The majority of the pieces have already been featured on the blog, but I'm happy to say that I'm starting to see something new in them. I recently re-photographed work for the show and it seemed to me that, when they were cropped, several paintings presented another side of themselves. I’ve assembled a few of these photographic details into the current entry.

"Older Bathers 2" close-up

"Older Bathers" close-up

"Figure & Sea-View" close-up
"The Yellow Bed" close-up

"Figure & Field" close-up

"Dark Stockings" cropped

"The Red Couch" cropped

"Older Bathers 2" cropped

"Figure & Field" cropped

"Figure & Sea-View" cropped

"Older Bathers" cropped

"The Yellow Bed" cropped

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  1. So Tom, you are a painter! What an interesting turn. I am now retired from UCI and have my own blog on fashion/dress and older women. Take a look here:
    I'm writing you because I am cleaning out old folders and found some fliers, etc. from Green Horse Press, as well as a wonderful photo of you taken by Gary Singer. Would you like these things? Or do you know another source for them?
    Best to you! If I ever come to Santa Cruz again, I'll look you up. Good luck on your upcoming show.